06 Exploration teamThe vision of Mekong Multiply is to see every last people group in the eleven nations of Southeast Asia reached with the gospel. If no one in a particular people group believes in Jesus or knows the gospel, missionaries from outside the tribe must go in to share the message. Potential missionaries are not only Westerners, though Mekong Multiply seeks to partner with experienced missionaries from the West, who certainly have a role to play. However, Mekong Multiply primarily seeks to recruit Near-Neighbor and National Missionaries (NNMs and NMs) from countries in the region and from reached people groups within each country.

Recruiting, training, mobilizing and coaching National Missionaries is a key strategy of Mekong Multiply. National Missionaries are different from National Evangelists because they are mobilized cross-culturally (from one people group or tribe to another) within the same country, but are not just evangelizing their own people. National Missionaries engage an unreached people group with the purpose of making disciples in that group who can reproduce and continue the work of evangelism and church planting without becoming dependent upon the National Missionary’s presence or other outside resources. Consequently, the work of National Missionaries is not permanent, but it is to plant an indigenous and self-propagating church in their target group just like an expatriate missionary would seek to do.

DSC09866National Missionaries also have some important advantages over expatriate missionaries in that they are generally much more culturally similar and often speak a common language. Furthermore, National Missionaries do not need visas to live in the country and can often operate much more inexpensively.

Mekong Multiply has experience in training National Missionaries in the fruitful practices of Disciple/Church Multiplication Movements. This is another key component of the Mekong Multiply strategy. Igniting movements of disciples and churches that are reproducible and multiply is the only hope we have to reach entire unreached people groups.

You can play an important role in the ministry strategy of Mekong Multiply by PRAYING, by GIVING, by GOING or by HELPING the effort with your time.  How is God calling you to participate?