Southeast Asia

IMG_5299[1]Southeast Asia. The region of eleven nations that lie south of China and east of India is often overlooked but makes up one of the spiritually darkest parts of the world. The region is dominated by three of the world’s major religious blocs—Buddhism, Animism and Islam—with Indonesia being the most populous Muslim nation on earth. Southeast Asia also has two of the world’s five remaining communist countries in Laos and Vietnam. The unreached people of these nations divide into more than 700 tribes with a population totaling over 330 million, exceeding that of the entire United States.

img_46181.jpgThrough this region winds the Mekong River, the major artery of the Indochina Peninsula. Locals believe that a spirit dragon, the Naga, inhabits its waters and reigns over the region. Images of the Naga are imbedded into the architecture of the Buddhist temples, and worshippers pray and make offerings to its spirit. The worship of spirits, which inhabit rivers, rocks and trees, underlies all of the religious belief systems of the region, and people live in fear of the spirits’ power and influence over their lives. They placate the spirits in order to gain blessing and good fortune with the hope of being re-born into a better life on earth after they die.

Mekong Multiply is an initiative to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to all the peoples of Southeast Asia. The primary approach is to share the gospel message in a reproducible way and to plant simple house churches led by local believers, which can multiply into a movement in each of the unreached tribes. Mekong Multiply seeks to mobilize both expatriate and national missionaries to ignite Church Multiplication Movements into 01 2018 Laos Evangadanaevery corner of the region. This will take many creative methods and platforms since most of the nations in Southeast Asia do not allow open access to missionaries and Christian workers. We pray that each of the 700+ tribes will have a movement of vibrant churches in numerous streams that have multiplied to many generations until every last village has a fellowship of believers worshiping and obeying Jesus!

And God is already on the move! Villages have heard the Good News, God has performed miracles, hundreds of people have been baptized, and churches have been planted in some of these tribes. As result, there has also been persecution, and believers have had to flee their homes, surrender their land, and be forced to sign documents renouncing their faith or spend time in jail. The Enemy—the Dragon—is not giving up his stranglehold so easily. And many of the tribes in Southeast Asia remain without any witness. There is much more yet to do!

04 CMM Training prayWe are calling on the church to PRAY for the unreached of Southeast Asia and to pray for Mekong Multiply! We are asking God to raise up workers to GO, and churches to SEND them as well as to SUPPORT the work of National Missionaries in the region. God does not wish for any of these people to perish! He desires that all of them come to repentance and glorify his name!

YOU can be a part of what God is doing through Mekong Multiply by PRAYING, by GIVING, or by GOING. How is he calling YOU to participate? How can YOU help the unreached of Southeast Asia receive the gospel?