The Gayo of Indonesia

Gayo IndonesiaHigh in the mountains of Aceh province on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia live a tribe of Muslim coffee growers called the Gayo. The Gayo number around a half million people and are completely unreached. How can we reach them with the good news of Jesus?

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world, and the fourth-largest nation in the world by population. While some parts of the country have fewer restrictions, Aceh is the only province in the country that employs Sharia law. Any Muslim who converts to Christianity risks expulsion from the community and potential execution. This makes it very difficult for the Gayo even to consider the teachings of Christ.

File Feb 18, 1 51 23 PMOne platform that is already being used to access the unreached Gayo is coffee. Purchasing and exporting coffee is the most plausible reason for outsiders to travel and live in the region. Mekong Multiply is currently exploring ways to leverage the coffee business to support a missionary work among the Gayo.

How can you participate in the Gayo project?