05 2018 Faith Training PrayerFrom May 29-June 4 our Lao partners (and some of the Final 58 national missionaries) will be participating in a “Faith Training”–they will travel to a remote province with only a bus ticket there and back, no food, no change of clothes and no money. As Jesus sent out the 72 in Luke 10, they will share the Good News with those who are receptive and only depend upon the Lord.

We want you to PRAY for our partners and that God will open doors for them and that they will learn to trust in him! We are seeking people to pray around the clock in 15-minute segments beginning at 12:00 midnight (Eastern Time, USA) on May 29 through June 4. That is a total of 672 slots! You can sign up for one, or many!

Sign up for 15-minute prayers slots on the following days.

(You will have to sign up separately for each day you commit to praying–so if you will pray for 15 minutes each day for this week, you will have to submit that 7 times, once on each page. You can easily select multiple times at once on the same day, and only submit once for each day.)

All times are Eastern Time (EDT), so keep that in mind when you select your time slot.

Thank you for praying!!

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I will update you later with more instructions on how to pray.

Thank you!!