Pray for Mr. Yot

05 2018 ToiPlease pray for Mr. Yot (not his real name), who was arrested yesterday while serving the Lord in a closed country in Southeast Asia.

On May 29, 2018 about 15 of our national partners in Southeast Asia went out on a “Faith Training” exercise.  Taking no food, extra clothes, money or other trappings, they went to a remote province much like Jesus sent out the 72 in Luke 10.  They are learning to depend upon God to show them people who will house and feed them as they share the Good News and bless them in the name of Jesus.

We have gotten mostly good reports back so far–everyone has found people to take them in and feed them.  Many have shared the gospel, multiple times, with people who have never heard it even once before.  They are doing this among many different unreached tribes.  In one village, the host family said, “We know these words are true because we have heard them before from our elders.”  But this is the first time the gospel message has reached them–perhaps God has prepared them in advance.  However, there have not yet been any decisions as the people are considering carefully the meaning of this new way.

Then a report came back that Mr. Yot was arrested.  Unfortunately, that is all we know.  We don’t know if the young man traveling with him was also arrested.  We don’t know the pretext for the arrest or anything about the charges.  We first had suspicion something was going on when contact could not be made.  But this is not unexpected as all of the participants are in a region with scant cell phone coverage.  Then the report came about the arrest.  All we can do is pray for Mr. Yot.

Please pray that Mr. Yot would be released and that any plans to oppose or arrest the other participants will not succeed.  Pray that the faith of the participants does not waver.  Pray that in spite of troubles, God’s kingdom will still advance.


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